MSI schedule today, May 17: Comments and odds for LoL T1 vs G2

Today, May 17, there will be a match between T1 vs G2 in the loser’s bracket semi-finals.

MSI schedule (1)

Full MSI 2024 match schedule and results HERE

MSI match schedule on May 17: Results updated continuously

DayHourMatch pair
May 1716:00T1 vs G2

Comments and odds for MSI on May 16: GEN vs BLG

TeamOdds (1 to…)
T1 wins1.64
G2 wins2.19

Predict Lol results HERE.

The reunion between the two teams at MSI 2024 will definitely not end, with the game tilting heavily in favor of one side. We cannot rule out the possibility that both teams will have to pull together until Game 5.

However, with the experience learned from previous failures, plus more time to study T1 in recent matches, G2 Esports can repay the debt to reach the finals of the loser’s bracket of this year’s tournament. now.

Prediction: T1 2-3 G2

Match schedule and results of LoL MSI 2024 branch round

Round 1

DayHourFighting branchMatch pair
May 716:00Branch winsAmount 0- 3 TES
May 816:00Branch winsGEN 3- 0 FNC
May 916:00Branch winsBLG 3- 2 PSG
May 1016:00Branch winsG2 2- 3 T1
May 1111:00 a.mLosing branchTL 3 -1 FNC
May 1211:00 a.mLosing branchPSG 0 -3 G2

Round 2

DayHourFighting branchMatch pair
May 112:30 p.mBK Branch winsGEN 3 -2 TES
May 1216:00BK Branch winsGBV 3- 1 T1
May 1416:00TK Branch lostTES 0- 3 G2
May 1516:00TK Branch lostTL 1- 3 T1

Round 3

DayHourFighting branchMatch pair
May 1716:00BK Branch lostG2 vs T1

Round 4

DayHourFighting branchMatch pair
May 1616:00CK Branch winsGEN 3 -1 GBV
May 1816:00CK Branch lostBK wins, loser vs BLG

Grand final

DayHourMatch pair
May 1616:00Win CK and lose vs GEN

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